Thursday, April 22, 2010

Countdown To The Verdict...

In roughly two weeks, around May 1st, the moment everyone has been waiting for will arrive. My wife and I will go to the doctor and have a 3D ultrasound performed and determine the sex of our first child. This is an enormous occasion that only happens a couple times in people's lives. The moment you find out if you're going to have a princess or a cowboy. 

It really makes no difference to me if I have a boy or a girl. All babies look exactly the same. Little Asian kids are the cutest and this is based on statistical research performed on an iPad. I feel that when I married a South Korean woman that I could defeat my family's ugly streak. If we ever had a family reunion people would think the circus freak show train derailed. Either that or they'd get a cowboy to wrangle us back into our cages. I felt that if I had to reproduce, I should take it upon myself to try to save the children and give them half of something beautiful. Everything I do is purposeful and selecting a Korean wife was the best shot I had for a future outside of a cage for my children. 

It would be nice to have a boy laborer to do the yard work and weed my yard which fosters weeds faster than lightning. I swear, I pull one out and two more grow in it's place overnight. Texas has a crazy weed problem. It's nuts! I really am much more open to having a girl now than I was. I am much more ambiguous and I view it as a blessing either way. I cared before, but now I'll be happy no matter what it is as long as he or she is healthy. My wife on the other hand, will literally freak out if a boy shows up on that screen. She has mentally prepared herself for 16 weeks now for a girl. If it's a boy, she won't know how to react.

We were both first-born children and she has a younger brother and I have a younger sister. She, of course, believes that a girl needs to come first to watch over the boy and guide him with wisdom to make the correct decisions. I believe what's needed is physical protection, so maybe a boy should come first. It's why the father gives away the daughter at the wedding. "Please take care of my princess and watch out for her." Women can be strong-willed, intelligent, and intuitive. However, most girl's aren't going to beat up a boy for being mean to her brother unless she looks like the girl in this picture. I'm going to send my daughter to school dressed in something like that everyday. For sure no boys are going to get any ideas. Except for ones who are obsessed with Transformers.....which is all of them. Dang it, no compromise!

Nevertheless, I know when the child comes out, my wife will love it instantly no matter what the sex. I just need to help her to see the positives of having a boy if it turns out that's the verdict. Positive one: free yard work in 3 years. His tiny little hands can get the deepest roots! Don't look at me like I'm a barbarian. You just wish you thought of it first.


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