Monday, April 5, 2010

Babies...with my Real Estate?

My first post on my internet diary. My wife is pregnant with our first child right now, so many of my posts from now until October will probably have a looking-after-a-woman-who-has-never-had-a-football-sized-living-thing-in-her-belly-before type of influence. Forgive me. I wanted to do a real estate blog with a tiny bit of my life mixed in. It’s not my fault I had a birthday and my wife started kissing me suggestively and motion directed me with her eyes to the bedroom and the realm of space and time literally collided to generate an energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.... Literally.

Maybe I should have called this the “Soon To Be A New Dad Blog.” I could have decorated the borders with opposite sides blue and pink and had butterflies and dandies and little boy and girl angels. Maybe some birds and bees having a "happy fight." I didn’t though, it’s too late. I don’t want to go back and create a new one. Two blogs is too much responsibility. Not to mention, I can’t scare away two of the three people reading this blog (the other being my wife) just yet.

I’m not psyched about it, but I need to learn how to wear a papoose and still look cool. Jason Statham and Ed Harris look so cool bald and they're always intense in every character they play. You can’t even picture what they would look like with hair, but probably not as cool and intense. Basically, I want that to be me: cool when it's a challenge to be. Except in reality, you can substitute “bald” with a papoose strap and an infant encompassed within and “intense” with milk puked all over the front of my shirt. Anyways, this is some of what I’m thinking about right now. Million thoughts about babies and how my life is going to become a challenge.


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