Monday, February 2, 2015

HOME TIPS! : Seal Your Walls!

A simple home tip that may save you money and energy this winter.

We're all looking for ways to improve the energy-efficiency of our homes to help the environment and lower our utility bills in the process. Thankfully in Texas, basements are rare, so it's one less place you have to expect drafts to emanate. However, your home may have spots where air penetrates through the walls causing a draft and a change in temperature inside your home. This will likely occur in the areas where holes have been cut out of the walls to install plugs, switches, and canned lights. If you have ever removed these during cold weather, you have probably noticed some cold air pouring out.

You may reduce air leakage by using a tube of high quality caulk or a spray foam can to seal around the area where the electrical box meets the drywall. There are also alternative recessed lighting cans or fixtures that you can install which provide a tighter seal to keep the cool (or hot) temperatures out. This simple process will potentially save you energy this winter season!