Monday, March 19, 2012

Importance of Property Insurance

Last week around 3:30 am, I awoke to see an orange glow emanating from our blinds. I sprung up, looked out the blinds, and saw the home behind us engulfed in flames. A moment of terror shuddered through my body as I felt a panic rush through me. Previously, I had thought about what I would grab in a moment like this where I had but seconds to think of what was most important to me. In this moment, my mind was blank.

I called the police and was informed that the fire had already been reported and I heard the fire trucks park and the commotion begin to extinguish the flames. Fortunately, it had been raining most of the day, so the ground and trees were soaked. The next day, we would find out through a neighbor that the firemen informed her that if it hadn't been raining all day, the trees between our properties would have spread the fire to all the surrounding homes, including our own. The only thought processed was that this was a miracle.

We have this somewhat innate feeling inside that bad things can never happen to us, until they do. I cannot stress enough to not skimp on your property insurance coverage and if you are unaware of the coverage details, pull it out and look. If you have any questions, contact Mike Carroll with Carroll & Delaune Insurance Services at (512) 828-7010 or or your insurance advisor. They can examine your coverage and let you know if you are adequately protected.

The above is a video of the house behind me burning down that I filmed after I knew we were reasonably safe from immediate danger. Listening to my wife, it may seem that we are going to die of carbon monoxide, but I assure you we were safe. She can be an extreme worrier.