Thursday, April 30, 2015

She-Sheds: The Woman's Man Cave

In my adventures as a Realtor, I've long heard of the demand for a man's "personal space." A place to retreat and get away from things. A place to call his own. This escape room is commonly referred to as "The Man Cave." With a special room for the man-of-the-house to withdraw to, where does the woman go to get away from the kids, the household responsibilities, and the .......husband, to relax and digest the day? From this, the "She-Shed" was born. 

The She-Shed is a cozy, quaint, personal space where a woman can take part in the festivities of life that she takes interest in. Away from the hustle and bustle of life she can partake in some arts and crafts, painting, gardening, raise chickens, take a quiet bath, or even just retreat to have a glass of wine in her own space.

The She-Shed is a growing trend in real estate with the necessity for a more feminine hideaway. Why should the men be the only ones with a personal domain to call their own. We live in an age of equality after all! Above is a collection of a variety of types of She-Sheds around the country, including rustic, cottage-style, Japanese Teahouse, greenhouse, human birdhouse, and Shabby Chic.