Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pre-Launch www.I-Am-Real-Estate.com Numbers!

On the eve of the launch of www.I-Am-Real-Estate.com, my website taking over 4 months to create I decided to analyze the viewing numbers on my website. Even before advertising and marketing the launch, from August 1st-31st www.I-Am-Real-Estate.com has had 418 visits by 197 visitors with a low bounce rate of 16.27%! Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who close the first page they get to on the site immediately after going to it. 16.27% shows that once visitors reach my site they are inclined to continue their search and look at other features.

The visits came from 10 different countries, including United States, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Perhaps, these are tech people from other countries going to move to Austin, only time will tell. Chris Matthews is going worldwide! 

Thank you to everyone who has viewed my site thus far. I put in the time to give you a great resource that would make the buying and selling processes easier for you. I don't pester you for a login and provide everything for free. Real estate agents get a bad name for being overly aggressive at times, while failing to be communicative once people decide to use someone. I wanted to take a different approach. I emphasize high customer service and communication, while keeping clients informed every step of the way so they don't feel alone during the transaction. My website is a tool in the search and guide for the process. Thank you!


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