Wednesday, September 1, 2010 HAS BEEN LAUNCHED!

Today is the day. September 1st, 2010 marks the official launch day of my website www.I-Am-Real-Estate.comThis incredibly detailed real estate website has now been launched after 4 months of work practically everyday. My wife has been neglected, my social life drained, legs and brain cramping, all for the consumer. That's right. I sacrifice for you. 

This website was designed with the consumer in mind. It's goal was to become the most comprehensive real estate website in the Austin metro area and I think I've done it. The website's purpose is to make you more knowledgeable when looking to buy or sell a home. In a way it's like when the apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey started stroking that smooth obelisk (my website) and suddenly they were smarter and could do things they couldn't before! It's kind of like that except in a good way, not that you'll go around killing each other with bones and screaming at each other. Oh, and I'm definitely not referencing you all as apes. You're all way ahead of apes. My site is just a tool, so it's more like the bones that you strike each other with because it gives you an advantage over the next guy. Ok, nevermind. Horrible analogy.

The point I'm attempting to make is that my site is user-friendly. The site features detailed a detailed page on over 150 communities in the Austin (broken down by segment), Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Hutto, Leander, and Georgetown areas. Each page has pictures of that community, pertinent links, and a list of active homes for sale in that community. You can search the MLS and the site actually has up-to-date listings, no more searching on Trulia or Zillow and finding out the home sold 3 months ago!

I have a FREE iPhone and iPad Home Search App that will allow you to search for active listings anywhere in our area and provide pictures, descriptions, and allow you to contact me by email or phone directly with the push of a button for more info.

There is also Buyer/Seller tools that will walk you through the process that can be complicating or overwhelming for some. There is also a Financing Roadmap that will walk you through the steps of that process. Also, a Client Concierge, Austin's rankings in the news, Social Media outlets, Relocation Austin Major Employer Guide, and more!

So, I invite you to check out I put an immense amount of work into it and I would be honored if you would make it your Real Estate tool of choice. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome!


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