Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Prepare to get the rest of those school supplies bought up and your children's new outfits purchased as August 20-22 is Texas' annual tax holiday! Certain items bought during these three days are exempt from paying any sales tax offering a slight discount to some important purchases for kids going back to school.

The law exempts most clothing and footwear priced under $100 from sales and use taxes, which could save shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend. Not an amazing savings, but just a little break on things you have to buy anyways. Backpacks under $100 and used by elementary and secondary students are also exempt. The exemption during the sales tax holiday includes backpacks with wheels, provided they can also be worn like a traditional backpack.... a pack on the back.

The exemption does not include items that are reasonably defined as luggage, briefcases, athletic/duffle/gym bags, computer bag, purses or framed backpacks. Ten or fewer backpacks can be purchased tax-free at one time without providing exemption certificate to the seller.

School Supplies
The 81st Texas Legislature passed HB 1801 (2009) expanding the list of items qualifying for exemption from Texas state and local sales and use taxes during the annual sales tax holiday. Effective this year, in addition to clothes, footwear, and backpacks, Texas families also get a sales tax break on most school supplies priced under $100 for use by a student in an elementary or secondary school.

The following is an all-inclusive list of qualifying school supplies (if priced less than $100):
• - Binders          - Book bags          -Calculators          -Cellophane tape
• - Blackboard chalk          - Compasses          - Composition books
• - Crayons          - Erasers          - Folders (expandable, pocket, plastic, and manila)
• - Glue, paste and paste sticks          - Highlighters         - Index cards
• - Index card boxes         - Legal pads          - Lunch boxes          - Markers
• - Notebooks          - Paper (variety of types)          - 
Pencil sharpeners 
 - Pencil boxes (other school supply boxes)          - Pencils & Pens
• - Protractors          - Rulers         - Scissors         - Writing tablets

Other TAX-FREE items:
• Baby clothes
• Backpacks for use by elementary and secondary students
• Belts with attached buckles
• Boots - cowboy, hiking
• Caps/hats - baseball, fishing, golf, knitted
• Coats and wraps
• Diapers - adult and baby
• Dresses
• Gloves (generally)
• Gym suits and uniforms
• Hooded shirts and hooded sweatshirts
• Hosiery
• Jackets
• Jeans
• Jerseys - baseball and football
• Jogging apparel
• Neckwear and ties
• Pajamas
• Pants and trousers
• Raincoats and ponchos
• Robes
• Shirts
• Shoes - sandals, slippers, sneakers, tennis, walking
• Socks (including athletic)
• Shorts
• Suits, slacks, and jackets
• Sweatshirts
• Sweat suits
• Sweaters
• Swimsuits
• Underclothes
• Work clothes and uniforms

Extended List of Clothing & Footwear


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