Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going Once....Going Twice....SOLD!

After twice being listed by another agent for 184 days and then again for 142 days, I completed the sale of my client's condo on Duval with a full cash offer on 99% of list to sold price in almost half the time. No repairs, no closing costs.  

This was a tricky sale because the Austin condo complex, Stonehaven Condos, is currently not FHA loan-approved. So, the options for lending are restricting because it cuts out a rather large segment of buyers who were hoping to do the FHA minimum, 3.5% down payment.

Secondly, the complex currently has a 69.2% owner-occupancy out of 32 units. What this means is that only 69.2% of the owner's of the units live in them. The rest have been rented out. Most lenders would prefer the owner-occupancy to be at 70% or greater. So, although there were a few lenders willing to accept 51%, it was limiting for buyer's wanting to work with a particular lender/banking institution.

Thirdly, competition. At the time, 5 condos for sale in a small 32 unit complex is pretty substantial competition and we definitely were not the most beautiful one. The goal is flattering picture angles, marketing, and staging that accentuate what you DO have. 

So, despite the challenges and obstacles, the human Dreamweaver dodged the impediments like Keanu dodging bullets in The Matrix. I am happy that I could get the job done for my client, she was so grateful and nice it makes me feel warm inside. After reading this some of you may have tears in your eyes at my uncanny ability to make dreams come true. Sometimes people just start crying when they look at me because like a sixth sense, they know what I can do for them. One time, a mother covered her little boy's eyes and I heard her say, "El es feo!" in Spanish. I don't habla espanol, but I think that meant "He is free" as in talking about my essence and spirit. I'm a soaring eagle. 

If I can assist you in finding a home or getting your home sold, contact me at the info in the sidebar! I'd be happy to help! 

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