Thursday, June 10, 2010

All Alone....Sorry, No Real Estate Relevance On This One

As many of you know (as I have been howling at the moon perched on my roof), my pregnant wife has gone off to South Korea to visit family for the next month. She has stolen my baby and fled to her home land! I knew she was using me. I now have to pass the time as my wife gallivants around South Korea without me. I'm stuck at home chained to my desk working. It's not so bad because I LOVE MY JOB and each and every one of my beautiful clients. *Virtual Kiss* Even when you love your job though, you daydream about traveling to other countries on missions. At least I do.

This extra time without her here gives me plenty of time to finish my website which still has tons of content that  needs to be me.....alone. It's me and my dog Valen. My wife may be having a great time, but she doesn't even know what kind of adventures she's missing back here. Valen and I chased rabbits today, I saved a turtle that was in the middle of the road, I found a dime (10x good luck) at Walmart, and typed seven more content pages for my website. OH the excitement! If not for this blog, I may not be able to contain it! ....I miss my wife and unborn son. 

Life just is not the same when someone who is always there suddenly isn't. Kind of makes you think to not take people for granted and appreciate what you have. I was worried I may never see her again when she was about to go because she's pregnant and it's a 13-hour flight. I thought the womb would expand like a bag of potato chips at the high elevation of the airplane, but I guess the womb isn't vacuum-sealed because she got there without exploding. Apparently, the real danger of flying while pregnant isn't exploding wombs, but blood clots in the legs from sitting too long. I made sure she got up every hour to stretch out those veins and with my guidance, she arrived with two functioning legs! 

Who's the best husband in the world? Long story short..... it's me.


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