Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Weekend Sans The Wife: Website Update

Well, since my wife kidnapped my unborn child and fled to her homeland, life has been lonely. She is about 6 months pregnant at the end of this month. I can picture her now, waddling the monsoon-season streets of South Korea. She's probably not doing well without yours truly, crying, can't sleep, and talking to everyone about how much she misses me. Clutching the sky with fistfuls of air with tears running down the side of her face as she screams, "When, when will I be finished with my vacation!?" No, she looks great. In fact, she is probably one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've ever seen. She is perfectly shaped. As she ages, she grows more and more ravishing. Me on the other hand, I look like something you would have discovered living in a mountain cave that villagers had pointed to and warned of being haunted. Next time maybe you'll listen....with the one ear that remains!! Sorry, that was unprofessional. I'm not one of those agents who chews the ear off of your head. I swore to myself during my licensing classes I would never become one of those people.

My website is coming along nicely and we are in the home stretch of development. The site was expected to be introduced in the beginning of June, but the massive amount of content and design work has pushed it back to the first week of July. It will be worth it to make it perfect. Soon, will be synonymous with real estate search and information for consumers. Imagine a world where you wanted to buy or sell a house in the Austin, Texas metropolitan area and all you have to do is go to one website to get the home sold or find the home of your dreams. Can you really put a deadline on that?!

My wife returns home on July 5th and the days have been counting down. I should really relish in my time alone, because once she gets back that means we are only a few months away from a life changing experience. Baby is born and all of sudden I have to try to look cool wearing a burping towel and a baby hammock on my chest. My only hope is that I can train my baby to be as cool as this one. Effortless. I promise I won't be the Realtor who arrives to a property showing with a baby under his arm. Rest assured. After the baby is born "Real Estate With A Pulse Blog" may have to be changed to "Real Estate With A Diaper Bag Blog." Doesn't sound quite as cool.

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