Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Putting Cash Back in Your Wallet.... The Chris Matthews Way. DISCOUNTS ON INSURANCE!

With every sold property comes a need to obtain property insurance. I, Chris Matthews, always aim to ease the burden of my client's wallets so I had a list compiled of some common discounts you can get on not only your property insurance, but your car insurance as well.

- Multi-line discounts (typically the largest discount)

Multi-line means multiple policies, such as when you have your property insurance and auto insurance or two cars with the same carrier. Most companies will recognize an umbrella policy with things like personal articles (ex. jewelry), flood policy, renter's insurance, condo, boat, or yacht when giving a discount.

- Paperless (small discount for no paper bills)
- Mature Homeowner (55+ years of age)
- Early Quote Advantage (receive quote 8 days prior to closing on auto policy)
- Good Student (A or B average, grade needed varies with carrier)
- Defensive Driving Class taken
- Security Systems (Deadbolts, Monitored smoke alarms, Security Systems)
- New Home Discount (what age qualifies as "new" varies by carrier)
- Home Buyer Discount
- Continuous Insurance (3+ years with the same carrier)
- Green Home Discount (Home has particular energy efficient features)
- Hybrid Car Discount
- Claims-Free Discount (haven't filed any claims for a certain length of time)

Not ALL carriers provide all of these discounts, but the easiest way to find out is to call them up! Important to remember when choosing an insurance carrier: Make sure what you need protected is covered first, then look for best price. Don't purchase based on discounts because policies that are heavily discounted on price usually have been heavily discounted on coverage.
Special Thanks To: Sarah Delaune of Carroll & Delaune Insurance Services. www.carroll-delaune.com

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