Monday, May 17, 2010

Rounding Up Nicely...

Posts have been sporadic. Sorry about that. Hard at work on taking it to the next level on the ol' website, which should be launched early to mid June! Check back with the blog for the announcement!

Pregnancy Status Update: My wife is rounding up nicely. Never witnessed the growth of a pregnant woman first-hand. It's really quite amazing. The other day we got Subway. We had a coupon for buy one foot long, get one free. I ate the first half, paused and looked over at her to see she was into her second half already! She never eats more then six inches NOR does she eat six inches of sub faster than me! It was startling. 

The other day I was walking ahead of her down the stairs and for a split second I felt like Indiana Jones running from the giant ball in the cave. No, I'm kidding. I think my wife is so cute pregnant. I want her big and round because that is evidence of a healthy pregnancy. I want my son heavily padded just in case the element's strike. She needs to be prepared. She's like a big, round, upside down strawberry. I don't like some of the emotional reactions, but she looks attractive physically. She looks soft. I think it's because I know what she is harboring....the only hope of the future of the Matthews' name. It's like Saving Private Ryan except minus Matt Damon, World War II, Nazis, bombs, killing, snipers and everything else in the movie. So, basically just the premise of saving the last person that can continue the family name. Bad analogy I guess.

She claims our dog Valen, knows she is pregnant because she always sits and rests her paw on her pregnant belly. I just nod in agreement, but in my head I'm just thinking the dog likes to be at the highest point and has no clue she is pregnant. Dogs like to be up high because they feel like it is prime protecting position. Plus, Valen weighs 6 lbs. She is a small Yorkshire Terrier. It's more like she sees how big (and beautiful) you are getting and doesn't want you to roll over on top of her. So best avoidance position to be alerted of an impending roll-over is to lay on the object that will roll. But I'm sure she knows you're pregnant. Animals have a weird sixth sense like that.

Another thing I find myself doing throughout this pregnancy is constant catering. Hormones are things that obviously cannot be harnessed for good. They capture a woman and tell her to demand your husband go to Taco Bell at 11pm to get them a Salsa Roja Tortada. I've learned to shut my mouth, keep my head down, and go or "I don't care about the baby" or "Nice to know you choose sleep over your wife and son." 'Great. That's great. Here I go. Thanks for the guilt trip. Here I go, grabbing my pants, putting back in my contacts, getting in the car yawning and squinting. If I get in a car accident on the way, I hope you know it's your fault.' Best part is I do all that, I get back and she's asleep. Perfect. No, I do it with an open heart because she is going through SO much, it's the least I can do. I do it with an open heart or she does it with a closed fist. So, I do have a choice.

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