Sunday, May 9, 2010

Austin Ranked #5 Leanest City in America!

In a recent study conducted by Men's Health to find the "Fattest" and "Leanest" cities in America, Austin ranked #5 leanest city nationwide. Austin came behind San Francisco (#1), Burlington, Washington D.C., and Seattle.

Austin received an 'A' grade in the study, which calculated "the percentage of people who are overweight, the percentage with type 2 diabetes, the percentage who haven't left the couch in a month (CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System); the money spent on junk food (Bureau of Labor Statistics); and finally, the number of people who ate fast food nine of more times in a month (Mediamark Research)" according to Men's Health.

This is great news for us Austinites! We're some of the healthiest stock in America! Yay! However, Texas as a state did not fair so well. Five of the top ten "Heaviest cities" are in Texas, including Corpus Christi as #1 heaviest and El Paso at #3. Also in the top ten, Dallas (#4), San Antonio (#7), and Houston (#9). Houston received a 'D-' score. San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, and Corpus Christi all received 'F' scores in the study.

Men's Health even pokes fun at Corpus Christi mockingly referring to them as "Corpulent Christi." I like Men's Health, but that's a little unnecessary and rude. Besides, the whole "make-fun-of-them-so-they'll-feel-bad-about-themselves-to-motivate-them-to-overcome" is a cruel solution to a problem and usually doesn't work anyway.

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