Monday, May 6, 2013

Was Your Home Built Before 1978?

If you live in an older Austin home and have children or grandchildren age 5 or younger who live with you or visit often, it is important to get you home inspected for hazardous lead. Lead can be found in paint, tile, flooring, walls, mini blinds, window areas, and yards. The City of Austin, through its LeadSmart program, will inspect income-qualified homes for lead (often found in homes built prior to 1978) and will remove it at no cost to you, at a value up to $30,000.

Lead is a poison that can cause damage to the brain, nervous system, blood and vital organs such as kidneys. Lead poisoning is especially harmful to young children and babies; it often shows no symptoms or is mistaken for other problems -- even people who appear healthy can have lead poisoning.

The LeadSmart program is provided by the City of Austin Neighboring Housing and Community Development Office. Visit for details about free home repair and financial empowerment programs, or call (512) 974-3100.

From Austin Energy

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